Hi, my name is Marie and I'm a

I design and build interfaces and I'm very passionate about it. Get in touch and let's bring your ideas to life together !

My work


Plants App
A landing page I've created during my Workshop with SheCodes


Vanilla Weather App
A weather app I've created using
HTML, CSS and Javascript

Fridays for Future Landing Page

Fridays for Future
A fake landing page
about a subject close to my heart


React Weather App
A weather app I've created using React
with a light and dark theme


Dictionary App
A dictionary app I've created using React
during my coding course with SheCodes


My name is Marie. I'm 29-year-old, from the South West of France and living in Berlin since 2017.
I've studied graphic design in Dublin, and worked on several freelance design projects, which I really enjoyed. But, graphic design alone wasn't enough for me to thrive in my professional life. That's why I decided to learn how to code.
I describe myself as a creative person, who always likes to explore new styles and learn new things. My goal is to guide the client with my expertise, yet always try to meet their expectations.
I can work in French or English, and I'm currently working on improving my level of German.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I'm looking forward to work with you !


SheCodes Workshop Certification Introduction
SheCodes Workshop Certification Front-End
SheCodes Workshop Certification React
SheCodes Workshop Certification Responsive